She got a pretty smile ..smell real good
Only time she need a man for that good joog
They buy the bar too
They superstars too
They be like you ain’t got no money take yo broke tail home
In Baby Phat they on
They cloths match they phone
They be like YEAH!!! when they song come on
Leave the club kinda early
Cuz they gotta go to work
I mess wit supervisors who got credit like Big Turk. 

- Lil’ Boosie on women empowerment

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Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power. Oscar Wilde (via lasergunsandcongodrums)
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So, I did what the broken-hearted do. I drank.

I drank, a lot.

I drank my fears, and my rejection, and my disappointment.

I had heartbreak on the rocks,
until the world around me started to feel like a swiftly moving funnel cloud,
so then I would smoke.

Myles E. J. 
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Artist: Outkast

Song: Morris Brown

Album: Idlewild OST

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def Dra-medy.